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Dr. Caroline L. Lattimore

15th Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Now retired as dean for 35 years at Duke University, Dr. Caroline Lattimore is one of the most well-known women in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. ®.  She earned the B.S. in English and the M.A. in Counseling from Hampton University and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Duke University in 1978.

A life member and Golden Soror, she is listed in Fifty Years of Service by Dr. Marjorie Parker and profiled in the 2014 Mid-Atlantic history book: A Continued Story of Timeless Service, 3rd Edition by Linda Simmons Henry.  As chairman of the 1984 International Connection Committee, Dr. Lattimore made history in the world of Greek organizations, when she spearheaded a national voter registration drive which netted more than 250,000 newly registered voters across the United States.

Initiated in the Gamma Theta Chapter at Hampton University and a current member of the Mu Omicron Omega Chapter, for more than 50 years she has been a sorority leader that has served with vision and purpose:


  • 15th Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, 2002-2006

  • International Chapter Basileus Certification Committee, National Chairman

  • International Membership Committee, National Chairman

  • International Connection Committee, National Chairman

  • International Graduate Advisors Task Force, National Chairman

  • International Program Committee, Mid-Atlantic Representative

  • Northern Carolina Cluster Coordinator

  • EAF National Committee

During her service on the regional and international levels, she also served on the local level as president of the Mu Omicron Omega Chapter. Motivated by a strong commitment to public service, Dr. Lattimore and the chapter worked to reach citizens within the community. She encouraged members to build good sisterly relations via family and sisterly activities; stressed the importance of maintaining historical records; promoted reactivation of inactive members and worked to develop future leaders within the chapter. 

Dr. Lattimore encouraged members to learn the “work” of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. ®, namely, chapter operations and duties of officers and to make it a priority to attend sorority conferences. She regularly provided updates via workshops and reports from her work on the regional and international level.

Also during her time as president, she served as the first Chairman of the Graduate Advisors Task Force under International President, Dr. Mary Shy Scott. Under her direction, the committee developed the first national handbook for graduate advisors and facilitated the first graduate advisor’s certification program in Chicago in July 1991. More than 600 members were certified.

In looking back on all that she has accomplished, Dr. Lattimore has said, “The impact that Mu Omicron Omega had on the communities we served was most important. It was a time for developing leaders, a time for promoting sister relations, and a time for serving our communities. The experience that I received, as president of Mu Omicron Omega, gave me a greater sense of commitment to develop the leadership skills of chapter members so that our great sorority would always have members who were ready to serve.”

“Look closely at the present you are contructing; it should look
like the future you are dreaming”

-- Alice Walker --

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